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Holiday Grand Treasure

This Natural Balsam slab can be used as a fruit & cheese tray. Includes gourmet entertaining products such as a Village Gourmet dip chiller, Sable & Rosenfeld dip, cheese spread, cheese ball mix, our local Copper Pot Nuts peanut collection, Ongeorgianbay preserves, truffles, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, chocolate pizza slice, gourmet holiday hot cocoa mix, sugar cookies, Walker's shortbread, Wolfgang Puck coffee, Gourmet du Village Bistro cheese ball mix, Holiday carmel corn, & tasty crepe cookies. (Basket shown is $185.00) measures approx. 9" x 13"

Add - larger slab of balsam & more of our Holiday in stock products. Measures approx. 13" x 16".

Add - A larger slab of Balsam Wood, more gourmet holiday products. Measures approx. 12" x 24".

Add - larger slice of balsam & more of our in stock holiday gourmet products. This board measures approx. 13" x 20".

Add - This is our mega of all Balsam Slabs. Measures approx. 16" x 22". More gourmet, chocolate and more of our in stock Holiday items.

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