Gift Baskets for Friends

Do your friends support your ideas no matter  how crazy they are and are they always there for a good laugh? Do they give you a reason to smile each day? Would you like to give them a reason to smile too? A gift basket is the great way to show your friends how much they mean to you and it also provides a gift that is practical and catered to their likes. If you are looking to find a gift basket for a special friend, look no further then We have a wide selection of baskets and you are sure to find one that fits your friend’s taste.

Here are a few baskets that may be perfect to show your appreciation:

Fruit Gift Basket - MEGA!

Fruit Gift Basket – MEGA

With a wide variety of sweet and savoury options, this basket is sure to hit the spot. It comes in a massive three-foot wide basket that will be reusable for years to come. This basket is made up of seasonal fruit, two types of cheeses, crackers, Pirouline wafers, smoked salmon, veggie dip, delectable chocolates, Ernest Hemingway Highland Select tea, and Wolfgang Puck coffee.


Chocolate - Mostly Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate – Mostly Chocolate Gift Basket

For the sweet loving friend, this basket is packed with tons of great pieces to satisfy their chocolate cravings. With a few savoury options to keep things interesting, this basket is no exception to the great variety has to offer. It includes chocolate covered coffee beans, truffles, a box of four Belgian chocolates, Belgian dipped pretzels, two Fraktals, Archer’s signature chocolate pizzas, a Belgian chocolate cupcake with a chocolate inside, cookies, cashew Roca, and more.


Custom Gift Baskets

If you can’t think of a specific basket that fits what you are looking for feel free to mix and match select choices. This option is great for those who have specific tastes. You are able to pick your friend’s favourite treats and create a basket with them in mind. If you wish to add items of your own we can help you with this too. Feel free to get creative and make the perfect basket. The options are endless with our Custom Gift Baskets.


These examples are just a small selection of the many great baskets that are available. Take the time out of your day to show your friends you care. Never underestimate the power of a smile and give your friends a reason to with a beautiful gift basket from We understand that some friends have very different tastes and with our Custom Gift Baskets, we are able to make everyone happy. Give us a call today to help set up the perfect custom basket for your friend.