Christmas Gift Giving with Meaning

Holiday Let It Snow Gift Basket

Christmas is all about spending time with family, enjoying snowfalls, and giving (and receiving) holiday and Christmas gifts.

Turn your holiday gift giving into a fun-filled time that focuses on the recipient. The ultimate gift is an expression of thoughtfulness and kindness that acknowledges a friend or family member’s needs and likes or bring a sense of nostalgia.

Keep the real meaning of Christmas this season by following these tips:

What do they need?

Be observant when visiting your friends and family. Did you visit with them recently for dinner? Were you visiting on Thanksgiving and noticed their cutting board or serving bowls needed replacing? Or, maybe the slippers they were wearing around the house were well-loved. If you are still at a loss after your observations, try asking their significant other for ideas.

What do they like?

Don’t just buy the standard gift card. While this is easy and common, it may not appeal to everyone. Think about each person on your gift list. What are their tastes, hobbies, and activities? Are they a foodie, do they love sweets or are they fond of red wine or craft beer? Giving a gift that speaks to the person’s tastes will make them feel like you’ve given some thought to their gift.

What sparks nostalgia for them?

Take your recipient back in time to enjoy some good memories with your Christmas gift. A digital or decorative photo album of times you spent together is an excellent DIY gift for a friend or family member. Or consider searching out some of their favourite treats when they were a kid. Perhaps you can pass down a family heirloom or memento to your child or grandchild. The thought and effort put into a gift will be appreciated by your recipient.

Give a thoughtfully filled Gift Basket

Gift baskets filled with gourmet foods, sweets, wine, craft beer or a combination of all of the above can make a perfect Christmas gift. They can come already prepared or be customized. All you need to do is choose the one that matches the likes of the person on your list and order it.

For a specialized basket, collect your items and drop them off to and we can help you choose the right basket, Christmas sleigh or cutting board to hold your gifts and wrap it for you. We have 100’s of choices of Christmas baskets to choose from to make your gift giving easy.