The Importance of Get Well Gifts

Get Well SoonIt use to be common to visit a friend or a loved one who was recovering from surgery or not feeling well. The visit would often include helping with errands or with chores around the house, or bringing a meal or preparing some dishes while they visit. Today, close friends and family are less likely to live nearby, making it difficult to support those who are in need.

Despite the distances, you can still provide support to those you care about in a manner that echoes years gone by. Receiving a get well gift helps the person to focus on the most important thing, getting better. Their body needs to concentrate all its resources on regaining strength, and they are often unable to prepare food.  

So, how do you help your friends and family recover when you cannot visit in person? Send a food-filled gift basket!

Gift baskets can be customized to meet a person’s dietary needs or their personal tastes. From fruit, jellies and jams, to cheese and crackers, cookies, and chocolates, there are plenty of comfort foods to fill your get well basket. You can also include a get well card, book, crossword puzzle, stuffed animal, or a gift card for an audiobook.

Sending a get well gift basket may be more helpful than you realize. For the housebound person who is recovering or ill, it provides encouragement and comfort. Even if you live close by, giving a personalized gift basket to someone in your life who needs cheering up, is an easy way to lift their spirits. is here to help you put it together and deliver it too.