Gift Baskets for Couples

Gift baskets are an ideal option for couples as they offer flexibility in the type of gifts you can give your favourite people. They can be fun to create, and the items inside can range from basics such as candy and nuts to gourmet dips and cheeses. You can send couples gift baskets for housewarmings, anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings or just because they deserve a special treat.  And, you can load them up with a variety of items such as snacks, candies, cookies, coffees, teas, hand-made jams and jellies, maple syrup, and, of course, chocolate. We’ve uncovered a few ideas below so you can send any of these and be sure to come out a winner.

Anniversaries, Engagements and Weddings

Choosing the right gift for couples who are celebrating their togetherness and are either just starting out or marking a particular time in their lives can be difficult. Rather than pulling a card off the rack at the local drugstore and placing cash or a cheque in it, why not give them something they can enjoy together? Would they venture out for a picnic, make breakfast or dinner together or maybe enjoy a taste of France? Whether your special people are cheese and paté connoisseurs, coffee and tea devotees or treats and sweets fans you can build a gift basket filled with the things they love to eat.


Have a couple in your life that has just purchased a new home? Help them celebrate and give them a break from cooking during the big move with a box full of their favourite snacks. Choose items that don’t need refrigeration if you are sending it to them before or during the move such as nuts, crackers, chips, fruit, pretzels, smoked meats and, of course, chocolates or sweets. For gift basket giving once they have moved in you can include bread, jams, jellies, cheeses, dips and mustards.

Just Because or Date Nights

For the couple that loves to do movie nights at home picking out their favourite theatre goodies can be a great gift for their movie time madness or you can go full-on chocolate for those who are chocolate obsessed. Give them a gift basket where they can just press play and enjoy a relaxing evening of tasty treats. 

Another option for the stay at home duo is a dinner basket that provides them with appetizers, main meal, such as pasta and sauce, and dessert.

Always keep in mind that you are getting a gift for two people and if their tastes are different make sure to balance out your gift basket accordingly.