5 Ideas for Specialty Baskets without the Basket

Specialty baskets are a great way to show someone that you care and that you are thinking about them, but the problem is that too many people are hung up on the word “baskets.” The truth of the matter is that “specialty baskets” don’t have to include a basket at all. A bucket or just about any other kind of container is perfect as long as it can hold all kinds of little goodies that you want to send to someone. Specialty baskets should be all about the recipient, so your imagination is the only boundary you are dealing with! Here are 5 ideas for truly unique specialty “baskets.”

1. Put sports-themed items inside a cooler.
Golf Gift Baskets - Golf Bag Cooler Gift Baskets
If you are trying to create a gift for a golfer or a fan of almost any other sport, use a small cooler instead of a basket. This is a great way to give the golfer something to carry drinks out on the course in. Other sports fans who like to actually go to games will also appreciate having a small cooler to keep their drinks and snacks in, especially if they attend outdoor games.

2. A stainless steel colander makes an attractive container for the pasta lover.
Pasta Plus Gift Baskets - pasta lovers basket
Once again, we have a container that serves not just as a holder for the gift items, but that also can be used along with the other items in the basket. And stainless steel not only looks great but will last forever. Fill it with specialty pastas, sauces, garlic breads, and other items any pasta lover will enjoy.

3. A toy wagon is great for delivering small baby items.
New Baby Baskets - Big Toy Wagon Baskets
If you’re celebrating the birth of a baby, a specialty basket is a great way to tie together all of those little extras that the new mom and dad will need. Probably the best thing about opting for a specialty basket for new parents is the fact that there are so many ways to go. Instead of using a wagon as a container, maybe you would prefer using a small laundry basket. Even a baby’s potty training seat can be turned into a delivery system for plenty of goodies for the new mom and dad.

4. Fill a trifle bowl with sweets or bakery items.
Holiday Gift Baskets - Trifle Bowl Holiday
When purchasing a basket for someone who enjoys sweets, especially if the person likes baking them, a trifle bowl makes a very unique container. It certainly isn’t something they would expect to see, and it might give them some ideas about what their next dessert should be.

5. Almost any unique container can become a decorative element.
Unique Gift Baskets - Milk Farm Theme Baskets
If you see a specialty basket that reminds you of someone special, almost any unique container will give it the charm you are looking for, and the container can serve as a unique decorative element after it is used to deliver the gifts.

Specialty baskets are a great way to send greetings to someone or just to show that you care. A themed basket says something very personal about the relationship you have with the recipient. It shows that you know him or her well enough to be able to fill a basket with several items they will enjoy

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