4 Ideas for Personalized Gift Baskets

Today gift baskets are much more than just a fruit basket. There are so many different options available today that anyone can find a basket that’s perfect for the occasion they are celebrating. Whether it’s a new baby, a wedding, or just something simple to say thank you, gift baskets offer you a chance to give from your heart with plenty of flair.

Here are four unique ideas to give personalized gift baskets anyone would love:

  1. Baby blanket basket – One of the most memorable gifts you can give a mother-to-be is a hand-knit baby blanket dolled up in a cute basket. Out of all the baby blankets she will receive, yours is the one she will remember.
  2. A bottle of the finest. – Got someone who likes pancakes? Send them a jug of specially bottled maple syrup. Sometimes the gift is in the bottle rather than in the basket, and syrup isn’t the only bottled item that makes a great gift.
  3. Theme baskets – Gift baskets are the perfect answer to those hard-to-buy for people. Just pick out a theme they like and fill the basket with all sorts of creative items. A package of golf balls might not make much of a gift, but when you arrange them nicely in a basket with other small golf items, you’ve got the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.
  4. A garden in a basket – Those who like to landscape or have simply been talking about hiring someone to do their landscaping will enjoy a basket full of all kinds of wonderful seeds and other items for their garden. Gift baskets like this are great because the recipient can even hire someone to plant all of those seeds and take care of them. Include a gift certificate for services, and you’ve got all of their gardening needs covered.

Gift baskets really do allow you to customize your gift in a special way by delivering it in a very attractive basket. Why wrap your gift in paper that will just be thrown away? Give them a basket they can use in the future instead!

Banana Baskets offers gift baskets in the Midland, Barrie, Newmarket, and Toronto areas of Ontario, Canada. They have plenty of creative options to help you celebrate your next occasion in a special and creative way. If you need some ideas, just give them a call.