Get Well Baskets: A New Way to Say Get Well

There’s a spectacular new way to say get well….here it is! Forget the Potted Plants, Vases and Balloons! It’s all about “gift basket“……….chicken soup, coffee/tea, bakeshop cookies and scrumptious home-made jams and jellies. All the “make you feel good” products that go along with a gift basket.

It’s very difficult to transport plants & flowers from the hospital. A vase filled with water & flowers will take extra special attention to transport in a vehicle. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult for a patient to properly care for & water plants during their stressful stay in the hospital.

Did you know many hospitals will not accept delivery of helium balloons. So if you are considering having balloons sent to the hospital or nursing home call ahead to be sure they will be happily accepted.

While it’s hard to say if a Get Well Basket helps with a speedy recovery, it certainly will lift the spirit of the patient and that’s what it’s really all about.

There are so many options to sending a get well basket. If the basket is going to the hospital or nursing home you will want to consider not sending for fruit or perishables like cheese. You may want to order items that the patient can reach from their bedside & have an occasional snack, like bakeshop cookies, juices, peanuts, chocolates, perhaps a crossword puzzle, magazine etc.. Or if the patient is going home soon, items that will keep until they go home would be home-made preserves, crackers, chocolate, nuts, ice tea & coffee mixes and bath items such as bubble bath, shower gel, bath pillow, candles, hand and body cream. If the basket is being recieved by a long term patient then hand cream, shampoo/conditioner/magazines are very welcomed gifts, perhaps a note book and pen would come in handy as well.

There are alot of trendy containers out there………. wire, tin, decorator boxes, planter pots, chests, glass, so many to choose from. Customers are really keeping up with colour trends. A custom container can match a decor and can be reused to store bath towels, magazines, soaps/wash cloths, toys, recipes etc.. Ask what is available & between the two of you, I’m sure the choice will please the recipient.

Ask your gift basket specialist to customize the get well basket to suit the patient. Likes and dislikes, serious/humorous, special diet, spicy/non spicy. Ask to have a special note attached to the gift stating your personal thoughts.

Personalizing a get well basket lets the recipient know how much you care and brightens up a sterile environment in the hospital. A beautiful customized get well basket allows the patient toreflect on something else for a moment.

Make sure when you decide to send a gift basket to talk to a professional about your options and the products and services they offer.

You’ll be surprised how a Custom Gourmet Get Well Basket will lift spirits!